A transformation of a Funky girl into a Business Woman

Hey Folks, here comes a vibrant story of a budding business woman who started climbing her ladder again despite every broken stair.  Introducing you to Keerthana Venkatesh who locked her dreams during her travel from Chennai to Madurai and then unwrapped it after a year of tireless effort.  

Keerthana is basically from Chennai bagging her BE and MBA degree. She has worked as a Senior Business Development Executive in a private IT company in Chennai for 2 years. She never wanted to be idle. She always wanted to spread her wings wider and fly high independently. Adding colour to her wing, She is a trained Bharatanatyam dancer with 15 years of experience and has done more than 30 programs in and around TN. 

Years passed by and Keerthana got married and moved to Madurai. Her bright clear sky started filling up with dark clouds. She felt like rolling inside a closed bottle unable to socialize with the people in her new environment. She didn’t make efforts to gel up with them. She failed to adapt faster to the situation and kept blaming about the opportunities that she would have got in Chennai. She conceptualized the situation like being an employee didn’t work quite well for her in Madurai. All this made her focus upon starting her own business to stand out of the crowd. Her husband and family kept encouraging her to make her first step forward on her own.

 During her rigorous analysis, she found a blue ocean business opportunity of exporting South Indian products to foreign countries. Indian products have their own demand and popularity in foreign countries that kindle the purchase behaviour. 

“We made use of this market to start our new venture!”

Adding to her point Keerthana said, “Export business is risky and we are always on a ticking clock as the products run on shelf life. We make sure the products reach on time and are in good shape. Trust and Quality is our primacy.”

Currently, Keerthana along with her husband are exporting dates, dry fruits, essential oils to the US, France and also encountering new products to be exported. Alongside, She supervises her husband’s Water manufacturing business and IT company as well.

Finally Keerthana made her dream cross borders and spread her potential worldwide. Her energy level is so high that she is planning to expand her hold in the trading forum and thereby eventually balancing her dance career which her soul gets connected to. Of Course life is all about balancing with family as our backbone.

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