“Love me before I get lost in this journey of life,
Let us float and fly together like these carefree clouds.
My beautiful! Let me embellish you like a bride
This moonlit sky is our wedding bower,
Let’s get mingled into one.”

Aisling is a collection of poems on Love, Life, Hope, Wisdom. It also touches upon some crucial contemporary topics. Feel with me and heal your emotions.

Aisling : My Poetic Words

Author’s bio:

Sakshi Arora, author of the book Aisling, is a post graduate in English Literature and holds a diploma in French Language. She is a poet and also a Verbal, Communication and a Personality Development trainer.

Apart from writing for various anthologies, she has also written online journals. For her, poetry is the way to find emotional catharsis. She believes that poetry sheds a light on the world and provides the best way to express yourself and understand others. Moreover, she loves everything revolving around arts in general and literature in particular.


Poetry resembles wine.

It doesn’t simply plunge us in feelings however, fill our spirits with ecstacy.

Aisling is an collection of contemporary poems by Sakshi Arora in which you can see the artist arising as a critic towards the happenings in and out an individual. The emotional liquid in an individual forming into consfusions and awkwardness because of his own emotions or social pressure leading to realisations and conclusions.

The book also vivdly talks about adolescent feelings, love, nature and love being romanticised, fatalism, existentialism, depression, freedom, class based social discrimination being injected into young hearts and emotional effects of a Rape victim in a nutshell.

The book stands diverse in the method of introduction of the poems. They don’t cause you to feel exhausted rather it’s an extremely light read that makes you comfortable with language empowering you to appreciate every single drop of solitude. Likewise, the references of lines from popular works by Shakespeare, Edgar Allen Poe, William Wordsworth, Coetzee and so on make the poems an alternate fancy in excellence. Her poems additionally make us discover hints of these influencers that gives the poems a different charm.

Reviewed by: Kavya Nair

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