An Abandoned Kid’s Journey from a Cocoon into a Beautiful Butterfly Hema

Everyone has a childhood to look back and cherish its sweet memories. But Hema’s scenario was different from an abandoned childhood. Hema who lived in Dindigul was struggling with brain fever which landed her into being an abnormal kid at the age of 7 when she was pursuing her second grade. She was found to be lost on a lonely island with her own thoughts. She went through a rough patch of forgetting her parents due to memory loss. Kids of her age maintained distance and weren’t ready to play or mingle with her due to her weird behavior of getting blank out from reality. She also had a strange action of going alone somewhere and losing her path back to home. All these reflected in her studies labeling her to be an average student. Though she topped her class during second grade, she couldn’t concentrate and focus on her studies after being affected by mind fever. She always felt inferior about herself and was lonely all time.

On one fine day, she got a spark that motivated and kindled herself to shine in life and prove herself before the ones who avoided her. She stepped out of her shyness and started participating in all the extracurricular events conducted in her school. Just like a cocoon into a butterfly, she started flying out with beautiful colors. She won prizes in various categories like dance, drawing, and athletics and grabbed the attention of the crowd. She became a fast bloomer in her studies too scoring good marks in her tenth and twelfth grades.

While she was slowly building her empire, her family fell apart due to a huge financial crisis. Her dad underwent a huge loss in his business and so sold all their property to pay the debts. Hema who was pursuing her auditing course in Coimbatore had to drop it abruptly. She feared about early marriage and hence went to Nift institute to start her free course in BSc. fashion designing. The whole family faced a lot of struggles and finally left their native. Hema didn’t lose hope and completed her course successfully managing her own expenses. 

Hema pierced into the MC field through an event organizing company and started supporting her family. She served as a mehndi artist too. The work culture seemed to be entirely different where she faced body shaming due to her thin body nature. Once again she felt inferior about herself as she wasn’t able to afford fashionable dresses or makeup as those were so essential in the MC field. She skipped big hotel events and knuckled down herself into smaller events.

Meanwhile, Hema fell in love with a short film director and entered into a Christian marital life with no support from her parent’s end. She helped her husband in designing and scriptwriting work and strived hard to bring the life she dreamt about into a reality. She was gifted with a baby for which she had to undergo her pregnancy period all alone. With a lump on her throat, she faced all problems lining up one after the other. From lack of food to loneliness during pregnancy to family problems to lack of support from her better half to compulsion in religion conversion, she was bouncing from left to right holding her spirit to live for her baby.

She carried her one month baby to her workplace and restarted her work tirelessly. She conducted various events in a college back to back and gained appreciation through her youtube channel. She was awarded as the best woman of the year 2020. Now she is busy like bee multitasking into Ad dubbing, event organizing, short film dubbing, blogging, and above all the one she loves the most- Parenting. Wiping off her tears and with a fire in her voice she said,

“I will achieve something great one day making my MC dream into reality”

Hema’s Youtube Channel – Kadhaiyodu Hema

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