From no workspace to co-work space! – Lakshmi

Yes, that’s how it works! Meet Lakshmi from Madurai, the co-founder of Jayavilla, The Founder’s Fort.  This startup is a self-driven cowork space for Founders & Women Entrepreneurs. She tells that the idea of co-work space starts from a crucial challenge they have faced: The lack of workspace, the challenge faced by today’s most founders and entrepreneurs. Yielding to her spouse’s plan for a startup in the hometown, they shift from Chennai to Madurai.

As it became a vital necessity for her and the family, the challenge was replaced by solution of possibility to host a shared office. It was really hard for Lakshmi to find her husband struggling each time to host meetups inside city and having a hard time managing the meetups at malls or cafeterias. Moreover, she understands it well that how it feels in the office in the middle of hectic schedule where her spouse solely perform with lot of ups and downs with pressure from fellow non-founder friends.

This idea was the spark and she thought of having more friends to meet, if they are founders they can mutually support each other. That thought, in the year 2013 marked the birth of Jayavilla, The Founder’s Fort in Airport main road which connects road/rail/air way nearby Madurai Meenakshi Amman temple in a nearby calm location and Lakshmi on the hot chair to Manage Administrations, CRM and operations with friends and members in the community support to make sure the effective utilization of this space, which is still an unfulfilled dream of many startups and ongoing firms.

It has become the pride that each occupant / founder in Jayavilla are treated as business partners and are offered dedicated support in all possible way. Her story leaves us the message to empower the needy and gain power!

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