Girl Beyond Her Insecurities – Story of an Author – Libana Jaleel

Being nothing to something is a blend of emotions and that is what Libana Jaleel currently experiencing, which she never thought She will. “You can be anything, but don’t be nothing”-Libana Jaleel is what made her awake to do something but not to achieve. There is an utter difference between achieving and attempting. If you can attempt, definitely you can achieve it if it’s poured out wholeheartedly.

How it started?

Those all started, during her middle school She had a huge urge to write a book in Malayalam and commenced with an article Unfortunately, it didn’t work well. She was upset and left the idea of writing. Thought it wasn’t her cup of tea and she isn’t capable of doing anything, not even capable of trying anything. She wasn’t confident about herself.

Her first perfect read

Since her childhood, she didn’t consider reading very seriously as She was so lazy to read and spend time on books. She started reading so late, she started at the age of 14. At the age of 14, her father gave her the book “The wings of fire” by APJ Abdul Kalam. That was her first perfect read and She started to fall in love with books. Then gradually She started to read more books. She reads to get better. She was fascinated when She stepped into the world of books and believed that books are uniquely portable magic.

How did she realise her drawback?

She completed her schooling at various schools but it was during her secondary school in Dubai, she realised her drawback. It commenced from a reading session she was paused by one of her teachers because She pronounced ‘WAS’ and ‘WATCH’ with the wrong pronunciation. The letter ‘W’ was pronounced wrong and her teacher scolded her. Since that day She was considered as a poor student in English class. And her teacher provided her with extra works. After all, She didn’t have a good vocabulary and not proper English.

The class was assigned to write a poem about ‘TREE’, she couldn’t write one, sought help from her friend, but her friends wrote flawlessly. The most challenging was to write a summary in just 25 words (that was a daily task).

How did she realise her interest?

She randomly wrote a poem and gave the title “Don’t fade away” and her friends read it and said it’s good during the end of high school. she had a sudden thought to move further with writings after high school and thought to share her musings as a poem. Gradually She started to write. And one of her friends suggested her to start an Instagram writing page. She did and slowly commenced to post her writings in @writerat.heart. She considers herself a jubilant beginner and She tried to dig out more about herself every following day.

She was a science student during her high school, she urged to pursue something in the field of science. Unfortunately, she couldn’t attempt that and unwillingly she choose the course BA in English Literature, but eventually, she commenced to like the course and she is a second-year literature student.

Her journey from writer to author

After all these obstacles of 3years, She published her poetry book (Desire Dream Dare-a collection of 101 poems) at the age of 19. She proudly says it’s her achievement. She has a lot of people to be grateful for the immense support and love.

As an overthinker, it was hard for her to make her own decisions and She thought to cease her writing journey at different times but somehow or the other way She couldn’t. It was completely a cure for her chaotic mind. So everybody has a story it might not be unique but there will be something in it. Dig out to find out your inner self. You’ll find every kind of stages in your inner self. Don’t let yourself down. She motivates herself she didn’t force herself. Because there is a difference between forcing and motivating.

I sense strong when my emotions are turned into words. I discover something from my surrounding and try to bring out as my words. – Libana Jaleel

She believes in this and would love to disclose this to the world,

“Have a desire, Dream about it, And Dare to do it.” – says Libana Jaleel – author of Desire Dream Dare.


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