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Glass Woman of India – Dhanya Ravi

We at “WOWoman” believe Dhanya Ravi not just makes her life loveable with her grin but also those around her, with her contiguous smile. A TEDx speaker, Recipient of Brave Bangle award 2012 (extraordinary women), Inspired Indian foundation award (IIF) 2014 (for initiating activities for social causes) and ‘Make your mother smile’ winner for a poetry competition, are some of her honours she owns.

Who is Dhanya

Dhanya Ravi born to a middle-class family and is the first girl daughter in her family. She enjoyed all the princesses care given by her family members. Perversely “On the 56th day of birth, she found herself restless and her parents following to medical consultations with two doctors, one of them diagnosed the reason for her blubbering that she is born with a genetic disease called Osteogenesis Imperfecta.”

Osteogenesis Imperfecta

A person suffering from OI mostly tent to have short stature, at some point in life impaired vision and hearing and immobility. It is a fact that, her parents without escaping from the layers of problems they took up the responsibility to experience and get her involvement in life with a deep sense of positivity.

Her Medical Condition

A medical condition where the bones are extremely fragile until puberty. A sudden sound or without a reason her bone would fracture. She used to get one or two fractures in two weeks of time till her teenage. On her early age itself, she recognized OI is her forever friend and accepted her journey to focus on making the best out of her life within her limits. All through the years, she faced fractures more than the number of bones in a human body.

Her Schooling

Mainstream schooling was not possible, no school management was ready to give her admission and her primary schooling was at home. A friend of her called Deena shared all her academic books and her neighboring aunty named Victory aunty (She calls her that way) volunteered to teach her every day one to two hour till high school.

Her Inspiration

Victory aunty has been one of her inspirations when she talks about education not because she taught her for free. But she believed her purpose is to spread her knowledge to Dhanya. When most of us are immersed in our own life rarely many of us are ready to spread knowledge.

Her Education

Later, an initiate taken from Amrithavarshini Charitable Society has a part of empowering members for education. In the year 2015, Dhanya, along with 11 members of the Amrithavarshini completed BBP course (plus-2 bridging course from IGNOU (The Indira Gandhi National Open University).

Her Career

The 27-year-old, today being on her BMW  (wheelchair that’s what she calls it), works as a freelance content writer, digital marketer and inspires numerous others with stories of her life experience.

Her first job was offered by Cheryl Fernandes and Abhijith Paniker for a digital marketing company called Creative Cronies. It was these online connections that brought her a larger vision of life.

Currently, apart from her freelance work, she is also doing an online course of writing. She learnt that Life is complete only with struggles.

Her Passion

Dhanya is also active member in a Trivandrum based Charitable organization called Amrithavarshini Charitable society, which helps connect people living with a similar condition.

She took up the role as a motivational speaker from Amrithavarshini Charitable Society. Latha unty and Bejoy peter Sir helped her groom to talk fearlessly on stage.

Recently I she was part of a short video called Paper Planes Directed by Hema Subash and participated in an inclusive theatre play called “Invisibly visibly” crafted by Team – Team One Step At A Time.

She overcomes pain through music, she says “Music is my healer”.

Dhanya’s Message to us

A selfless life, out of our comfort zone, a life of empathy would make life worth living not just you but for many. Let’s be a source of joy and happiness to many.

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