Learning Life Beyond A Syllabus with COCONUT BOXS!

Haven’t you felt bored at your school? Didn’t you pretend to have a high fever  just to bunk a day? Didn’t extracurricular activities like Arts fest and sports day become everyone’s favorite in order to bunk classes? All these have been so greatly  romanticized as school/college life fun but have you ever wondered the serious reason behind this? After primary classes, we find the study pattern of children hugely become syllabus oriented and less activity oriented. Once syllabus  comes into mainstream, we find teachers rushing to finish the portions in the given limited period of time. This stresses children and directly results in developing a  boring attitude towards schooling/education. 

Sharmila from Madurai, has found a solution for this and it is “Coconut Boxs”. In the era of  syllabus and deteriorating activity oriented educational trend, ‘Coconut Boxs’ is here with an innovative methodology in teaching children. The birth of this methodology evolved from her own life experience when she found out that her child  felt going to school as a burden rather than fun while in reality it should be the most enjoyable period of their life. This idea pitched into the growth of Coconut  Boxs. 

Why Coconut Boxs?

The primary aim of coconut boxs is to develop the best personality skills such as being optimistic, focused, persistent and imaginative in problem-solving. Each Coconut Boxs designed for developing different purposes. The team aims at  developing basic life skills which can be also termed as soft skills, entirely different  from existing methods of dumping the information to the answer sheet in school classes.  

How Coconut Boxs work?

Each Coconut Boxs comes with 1000 challenges like creating 1000 designs using building blocks, finding 1000 connections with everyday objects, improving a product by 1000 times within a year, etc. Coconut Boxs are designed with open ended learning materials such as natural wooden blocks, natural clay, sticks, etc. Each box comes with a planning diary and idea book that would help children of every age to develop, give wings to their  imagination. Coconut Boxs open ended materials do not have artificial painting or chemical coating in order to give complete freedom for imagination. Also, the materials are 100 percent eco-friendly,  children friendly and hustle free.

What Sharmila has to say about coconut boxes…  

“Children spend about 16 hours at home and so parents have a vital role in shaping  the personality of the child. Children learn a lot of personality skills and habits from parents. Using Coconut Boxs mothers can show how to be optimistic when taking up a challenge, how to be focussed while solving a challenge, how to be persistent to solve a challenge. These are personality skills nobody teaches to children. So mothers can show these good personality skills while using Coconut Boxs. In Fact Coconut Boxs is for amazing mothers and her kids’ ‘ says the founder. 

She along with her husband has tried their unique idea of teaching personality skills through Coconut Boxs at Green Valley International School situated at Trivandrum, Kerala. This progressive school has been successfully imparting personality skills for its 400 students. This learning method would create drastic changes in the behavior of children which would ultimately help in achieving the aims and objectives of education including Self-discovery, Personality Enhancement, and reduced psycho-physical-social-emotional issues, therefore, molding children into worthy, responsible, and committed citizens for tomorrow. 

Website url : https://www.coconutboxs.com


  1. That’s a great initiative

  2. Excellent methodology for teaching children by making it fun learning. Well penned article by Kavya ❤️

  3. That sounds great! Not only the Book knowledge the children need to know other activities too. Warm wishes to Coconut Boxs👍😊

  4. Such a brilliant and thoughtful initiative 👍🏻 Kudos 👏🏻😊

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