Living up to Dad’s Dream – Inspiring Story of Preethy, Director of Oru Oorula

Every girl has a special love for Dad, her real-time hero. A girl fights every situation with courage having a dad as her backbone. This story brings out the eternal love of a daughter towards her dad by living up to his dream. This inspiring story brings out the purpose of reading skill that is to be seeded right from childhood.

Surya Preethi, daughter of Mr.Kuppuram a bookseller, learnt the meaning of the word betrayal through her father’s bitter experience in his business. Her father was running a bookstore with partners. After 8 years, for some issues with the partners, he quit the partnership and come out of the business. Preethi who completed her schooling and was ready to join her dream college was put into a censorious situation of dropping her studies. Her father wasn’t able to afford money for her higher education. She understood the situation and planned to join a part-time college to study BA Tourism. She attended two batches a day and simultaneously started to uplift her dad from his losing mind. She gave him hope and courage to restart the same business from scratch.

At the age of 45, Mr. Kuppuram along with his 17 years old daughter Preethi restarted his bookselling business from home where he found his lost spirit. Being an eager beaver, Preethi took up the responsibility and started to work in all dimensions possible. She carried two bags of books while moving to her morning classes and then she visited schools and colleges to sell those books. She took tuitions for kids in free time and then rushed back to college from 5 pm to 8.30 pm for her evening classes. She worked tirelessly to make her father back as a superhero in his story.

In 1997 they shifted their book store to a rental place. Later in 2001, Preethi joined hands with her dad and started a big showroom Turning point in Townhall road, Madurai.

Preethi married Mr.Renganathan and moved towards Chennai to start her career as a six sigma coordinator at ITC Sheraton park. Life wheel rolled in this manner till 2010. On a bright Diwali night, November 2010 Mr.Kuppuram rested in peace.

Preethi shuttled between Madurai and Chennai to keep up the spirit of her dad’s business alive. She started conducting contests for school children in the memory of her father. More than 500 students participated every year in the Shri Kuppuram Memorial creative art contest.

Preeti always loved reading books and narrating stories which she cultivated right from her childhood. She kindled this skill into her daughter and made her participate in various storytelling sessions in Chennai for kids. This set fire and added fuel to her purpose.

In 2016 Preethi conducted the first storytelling session through Turning Point. This created awareness among young parents and was ready to groom their children through this art of storytelling. They all met once in a month and all sessions were of free membership. Through Preethi, parents got to know the various benefits of incorporating this skill into their children.

Being a mother of two young kids, Preethi felt she wasn’t able to give her best as traveling consumed the majority of her time. With the guidance and encouragement from her husband, Preethi moved back to Madurai along with her children. In May 2017, she shifted her showroom from Townhall road to KK Nagar in Madurai. She created a WhatsApp group in particular for this Storytelling session and digitally promoted it. In November 2018, the session was conducted with 15 participants that compressed storytelling along with craft activities. This event was a huge success and gathered applause all around

“One of the greatest gifts adults can give – to their offspring and to their society – is to read to children” – Carl Sagan

Sharing stories often begins with reading aloud.

Benefits Reading aloud:

  • Develops stronger vocabulary
  • Builds connections between the spoken and written word
  • Provides enjoyment
  • Increases attention span
  • Strengthens cognition
  • Promotes bonding.”

In 2019, Preethi came up with an interesting challenge for kids to enhance the art of reading books. The challenge was to complete reading 100 books in a time period of 6 months. To her astonishment, most of the kids completed the challenge within 4 to 5 months. Kids who completed the challenge were given a Super Reader Certificate. To glorify the certification ceremony, Preethi planned to invite an author as the chief guest. She gathered information about similar events conducted in various parts of the world.

The Internet flooded up with several information about various successful book reading and storytelling events. Preethi planned for an event with an 8 lakh budget. With the help of kith and kin, she raised 75% fun for her project. Mr.Nirmal Raj and Mr.Major Karthik of BSE Tech joined as her event partners.

With all the gathered information Preethi came up ஒரு ஊருல-Madurai Children’s literary festival was organized on August 3&4 @ The American College, Madurai. . More than an event it landed up to be a huge festival marking the footfall of authors, storytellers, illustrators, theatre artists and 2000+ students from various schools. Reputably 6 books were launched in this event.

Preethy Oru Oorula

2nd edition of Oru Oorula which was scheduled on August 8&9, 2020 has been postponed due to the current pandemic situation. Surya Preethy has assured me of organizing this event every year. Now she has been conducting storytelling, book reading sessions virtually on zoom and Facebook.

Reach her @ 7010445612 / to get the details about her Storytelling sessions. She sells books virtually in Facebook group Mom and Kids Books, where you’ll get imported children’s books and Indian writings at a very affordable price.

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