She can do both!! – Kiruthiga The Author

Everyone must have faced the huge dilemma of choosing between pursuing their passion or focusing on being career oriented at some point of their lives. Especially during the end of their school life, when they are about to step into the next chapter which decides the course of the rest of their life. Doing what you love or doing what helps you survive?

Kiruthiga was faced with the same dilemma. Being a 17 year old girl, she was expected to make decisions which would determine her life. She is someone who excels at everything she does because she pours her heart and soul into it. But that did not mean that it was easy to choose between passion and career.

She is a first year post graduate student majoring in biotechnology. Science is her forte. She is diligent, talented and creative, but most of all, she is passionate. That’s when English comes into the picture, which is the reason for her dilemma. She developed her English skills over the years through continuous reading and writing. She has always been passionate about English and it only kept growing each day. She is an avid reader and she has also written many short stories and poems. But will this help her in the long run? Will she be able to make a good livelihood for herself with her passion?

Everyone said passion alone cannot help her live a successful and independent life. They told her to choose her path wisely; choose a career that pays well. Because in the end, isn’t money the thing that matters the most? But that made Kiruthiga wonder, “Does happiness not matter?” If her passion brings her happiness, then it definitely matters.

“Who said that we can have only one field as a passion,” she asks. Everyone believes that we are supposed to choose. But Kiruthiga firmly believed that she can have both. She can have a main goal and also pursue her passion on the sidelines. And that’s exactly what she did. She put her English skills into use and published her first novel, “It’s Okay to be Imperfect.” In her novel, she has written about many topics like mental health, rape, etc., which are rarely talked about in society. She tried to shed light upon such topics through a fictional novel. 

Being a lover of both Science and English, she decided to make Science her world and English her home. Though there were many moments where people ridiculed her for her choice, she was firm in her belief and has also gained significant achievements. She proved that she can do both. 

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