Story of a ‘Solo Traveler’ – Arpita Joshi – The Pinksuitcasians!

Arpita Joshi, she must never have been a solo traveler if her husband wouldn’t have refused her and she wouldn’t have taken the chance. One evening after her CFA  exams she asked her husband to take her for a holiday vacation, which was a long awaited much needed break for her. And the reply she got from him was “You Go alone”

She says “I pinched myself almost ten times ‘am I dreaming? what did he just say?’ but it was real and to a surprise he said it in a happy mood too!”.

Her first solo yet soulful vacation trip was to Goa, that too in extreme monsoons.  The journey was incredibly beautiful that it became the turning point of her life, exploring culture & roots of Goa. This is what she tells about Goa “I must tell you that apart from the popularity portrayed picture, Goa is not just sex, cigars and booze. It’s beyond.” Goa journey was the inspiration that took her to the idea of a traveling group dedicated for women and the Pinksuitcase was born with the aim of “the women only trip, for the women by a woman!”

Being creative and successful, having a good family life she was a matter of jealous for many, her excellent career journey started from being a cabin crew, from there to an aspiring radio jockey and later to a fashion designer, there were really tough times in her life and left in the middle cause of some other commitments.

Meantime she didn’t realise she is suffering with depression.  She says “in the middle of all fortunes, I was looking for me, for what am I alive for!  Consulting psychologists, councilors and healers or even medications didn’t help me.” But her willingness towards the work of choice and her gaurdian angel helped her to come out of it.

Salvation for her was being a solo traveler which was entirely different from being a typical tourist.  She found that such journeys provided her with much anticipated relaxation to the body, mind and soul, thereby boosting the spirit to face the challenges of life.

“It’s been more than two years of Pinksuitcase now, which has evolved me and every morning is a learning” she added.

After a couple of domestic and international hangouts, she realized the Mississippi necessity and startedStory of a ‘Solo Traveler’ – Arpita Joshi – The Pinksuitcasians! awareness events for the society covering subjects like anxiety, nutrition, self defense, traffic safety and more.

Her life tells us “To tour is not just to travel, it’s literally tripping from the overloaded stress cycle of everyday life.”

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