Story of the ‘Silent Ranks’ – Ranjeeta Nath Ghai

Meet Ranjeeta Nath Ghai, an army BRAT(Born Raised And Transferred) and wife of Col Rajiv Ghai (retd). Born to a Gujarati mother, Assamese father in MH Agra Cantt, Uttar Pradesh (both war veterans) she was brought up in New Delhi and married to a Punjabi. Ranjeeta Nath Ghai has a rich cultural background. An inspiring woman who got the golden opportunity denied for many to have covered the length and breadth of India, experiencing it in its splendour. Ranjeeta has never lived in any state for more than a period of 2 years. Along with the excitements and pleasures, there have been many occasions in her army life when she has fretted about her husband’s life like when he was involved in operations like Op Vijay and Op Parakram or when he was posted to active field areas.

“A mentor. A blogger. A published author. A graphic designer. An avid animal lover. A military daughter, a military wife and an Educationist I have celebrated and lived life on her own terms. CHALLENGE is my game RISK is my passion. HARD WORK is my occupation SMARTNESS is my style FRANKNESS is my policy CONFIDENCE is my power. A Passionate & Optimist person. I believe that imperfections are perfect because that is what makes us who we are. A complete being.”

Owing to the responsibilities and challenges that come along with being an army wife she calls every woman in her place, the ‘Silent Ranks’, standing by their husband and holding fort while he was away on duty Ranjeeta Nath Ghai says, “It’s a full-time job to be an Army wife as her husband was constantly moving, belonging to every place the Army took them. She is an expert at packing and moving with her husband even within the time limit of 24hrs years up in black painted boxes bringing up her children while staying away from husband for years at a stretch.

She writes poetry (Hindi & English), Short Stories, Children’s Literature, Articles. She is a proud owner of Personal Blogs:

Similar to what her husband did for the motherland, she executed her duties as an active member of AWWA (Army Wife Welfare Association), Human NGOs like: Sampreshan-Juvenile Home, Alwar; Samarthaya, Alwar. Besides human NGOs she also works for of Animal NGOs like: PETA (India), World For All-Mumbai, FRIENDICOES– Delhi, POSH Foundation- NOIDA and JEEV AASHRYA, Alwar. She has dedicated her life to literature and rescuing and relocating stray/wild animals and shall be continuing the same after their retirement too.

Also she believes in expressing herself being a motivational speaker, storyteller, poetess and a blogger, her maiden book, ‘Mann Ki Aarzoo’ was selected and projected in the New Delhi World Book Fair 2016 and Chennai Book Fair 2016 respectively. Besides Mann Ki Aarzoo (published book), her other Publications are, Twisted Tales anthology of short stories, लम्हों से लफ़्ज़ों तक (काव्य संग्रह), संदल सुगंद (काव्य संग्रह), भाव कलश (काव्य संग्रह) and
poems published on e-journal ‘Research Inspiration’. ‘Behind The Curtains’ & ‘Chandramauli- A Ray of Hope’ are waited books in 2019.

Prestigious feathers in her cap include ‘Ideal Teacher Award’- APS Nasirabad, ‘Pride of Women Award’- Aagaman, 3rd position in National Level Poetry Competition ‘Jashan-E-Kshitij’, Delegate Speaker and Awardee (Weaving Dreams Excellence Awards-2019) at ICDL, May 2019. Her life has been enriched by her seven furry buddies who with their unconditional love have always been a de-stressing factor of her life, teaching her to value and love all HIS creations unconditionally.

From being a daughter of two dynamic veterans, and wife (Silent Ranks) of an Army Officer to being a mother, from a caregiver to being loved back in return, being a friend and having friends worth dying for, life has come a full circle for Ranjeeta Nath Ghai. “Life has treated me well and God has been kind to me. Looking back today I feel no regret as I have lived and celebrated each moment of my life with passion, on my own terms and conditions,” says Ranjeeta (Member of Kshitij – Run by Ranjeeta Ashesh)

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