Ranjeeta Ashesh

The Journey of Homemaker to Published Author – Ranjeeta Ashesh

An Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Content Writer, Storyteller, Poetess, Blogger, Mrs India Delhi NCR ‘Most Talented’, Steadfast army man’s wife, A Proud Parent, Published Author and what else she’s not?

Meet Mrs. Ranjeeta Ashesh proud wife of Lt. Col Anshul Ashesh and loving mother to Abhigya and Ipshita. Ranjeeta firmly believes great responsibilities come with great upshots.  

She says “It is beautiful and surreal to be married to the most smart and dashing personality. With an army man it is like a dream of every woman to have a man in uniform to be in her life. But with these pleasantries comes a sense of truth that this person belongs to nation first than you and I have to be prepared for it. Have to keep on reminding myself that in order to reinforce his strength, I have to be equally strong when it comes to serving this nation”. And that’s her sincere contribution to motherland by loving and motivating her husband.

Similar to what her husband does for the motherland, she observes it as her duty to be an active member of AWWA (Army Wife Welfare Association), also she works for NGO Parvarish. Being a wonderful public speaker and a versatile blogger for blog site “ALFAAZON KI UDAAN”, she have been  active in poetry circles of Delhi. She saw the plight of poetry, when it comes to general public which is very sad. Poetry is also a creative art like singing and dancing.

Taking initiative, she started an organisation –  ‘kshitij. ..where dreams meet reality’ which focuses on overall personality development of youth poets and brings them to the non-poetic audience.

Presently Ranjeeta is An Entrepreneur running kshitij.

Her book, ‘Sushmaanjali…Ek Kaavya Sangrah’ was a tribute to her mother Sushma. The book was reviewed by Mr. Prakash Sakalle (retd) Registrar, Makhanlal University, Bhopal and was launched by Air Mshl L.K Verma (retd ) AVSM and Lt Gen A.R Prasad (AVSM). In Bhopal, she was interviewed couple of times by Doordarshan and Aakashwani regarding her book. Been active, her book has become a part of Swami Vivekanand Library.

She has been part of many Anthologies like ‘Sandal Sugandh’,’Family’,’From the heart’ etc. She worked as a compiler for book ‘lamhon se lafzon tak’ and with KSHITIJ she helps youth poets to achieve their dreams by publishing their work. Her passion towards poetry is incredible.

Ranjeeta Ashesh

So many feathers in her cap including Gaurav Samman, Tejaswini Award by Aagaman group, the title of Mrs most talented in beauty pageant. “I am an optimist, I derive my inspiration from everything which I comes across…” says Ranjeeta Ashesh. Isn’t that a wonderful lesson from her to be progressive and successful in doing what you love (being a writer) and loving what you do (being a homemaker).

She believes in challenging herself, learning new things and exploring every aspect of life.

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