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The Whinning to Winning story of Manju

Manju S M is a published author of ‘Love Uncontrolled,’ a book of soulful romantic poems. She is a Life Coach, Therapist and a Genetic Brain Profiling Counsellor and she has been providing her services under the brand-name ‘Finestra’ which she has founded with a mission of spreading a million smiles. She is also a blogger at, where she has been posting her short stories, poems and stuff related to parenting and personal-wellbeing. But these are what she is today. Rewind her life for a couple of years, she was none of these. Hers is a story of how in pursuit of fixing the ‘perceived faults’ in her family members she actually identified her own short-comings. It is this self-realisation, calculated efforts and perseverance that has made her what she is today. Her transformation from a whiner to a winner is a real proof of how limits exist only in mind.

Manju’s Past 

Manju had given up her job as a Project Manager at a start-up concern for her family. She was a loving mother and a dutiful homemaker. Things went on smoothly for her until she began having issues and stress due to her inability to cater to the diverse needs of her family members. She fretted not having a proper support system at home so that she can restart her career. She began feeling choked and caged, leaving her prone to stress, anxiety and overwhelm. 

The Realisation

That’s when she had got Genetic Brain Profiling (GBP) and Counselling done for herself and her family members with a hope of finding how she can change her family members so that life would be smoother for her. But in her this quest she also found her own flaws exposed. She also realised that though she had given up her job for her family all by herself and was happy catering to their needs, it didn’t give her pleasure or mental peace because it wasn’t her ikigai. At the same time, she realised that her value system did not let her choose a career over her kids. She understood that it was her ship that needed to be fixed.

The Transformation

That’s when Manju resorted to writing, a long-forgotten passion of hers. Connecting back with her passion helped her taste the much-needed freedom. She decided to work from home because she couldn’t leave her kids behind and began working as a freelance academic content writer. She also kept writing short stories in to feed her creative appetite. Later as she realised that creative writing was more soul-filling for her than academic writing, she quit her job and started her personal blog Gradually, she began seeing the difference it had in her outlook towards life. Realising how GBP had helped her immensely she became a certified Genetic Brain Profiling Counsellor so that she can transfer the benefits to others. 

Then came COVID-19 and lockdown. Being an extrovert and a hard-core outdoor person lockdown should have alarmed Manju. But she carried with her that positive outlook and optimism she had acquired, into the lockdown phase. She worked through the entire lockdown phase rigorously to understand her short-comings and find ways to overcome them. 

Manju began doing courses online to understand the functioning of the human mind to help her in her mission of spreading a million smiles. She also put the lockdown period to effective use and wrote several poems and short stories. She shed her inhibitions and camera-shyness and began participating in Virtual Poetry Open-Mics to hone her poetry skills. She also went on to compile the poems she had written during the lockdown and have them published. 

The Results

Today, she has several projects pipelined—a book of short stories, a novel and a non-fictional work titled ‘Be Happy Again’. She is also a successful Life Coach, Emotional Intelligence Practitioner, Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapist and a GBP Counsellor.  

Yet, back home things remain pretty much the same for her—the same family with the same diverse needs, no proper support system to look after her kids’ requirements the way she wants to. She still has this stage-fear, camera shyness and an inner-voice that self-doubts her. Yet, they don’t stress her anymore because she has acquired the power to tame her mind. Today her life is no longer filled with ‘if-s’ and ‘but-s’; it’s rather filled with ‘how-s’ helping her focus just on her targets.

Manju has realised that limits exist only in the mind.  So can you too, with a little reflection, overcome those limits in your mind and reach great heights. Her story is a lesson of how one needs to conquer their mind to conquer great heights.

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