The Wonder Woman who built herself and also builds her family – Valarmathi

Valarmathi, at the tender age of five lost her father, when her brother was just three and her mother was seven months pregnant. In the absence of caring father and being the elder shoulder of the family, right from the childhood she started training herself to adapt to almost any circumstance and to be kind always. Even though there was no one in the home to back her on her studies, she excelled in her studies bringing up great scores.  As she was finding herself in tune with her studies, a marriage proposal reached her home. It was inevitable for her to accept it, even before her twelfth standard results came and she was recompensed for her efforts with the denomination of school topper.

At the age of seventeen, she got married and her first child in 1982. Her never ending struggles usually lasts till 9:30 in the night every day. Hot sun, heavy rain, power shortage & flood had not stopped her from her everyday duties and she always statured herself as an energy source for herself, her children and everyone around her.

In the middle of her hectic schedule, she recognizes it as her responsibility to take care of her brother’s entire family since he met with an accident and was injured badly. Being the eldest family member, she has outmost affection and respect for her 82 year old aunty and takes care of her too, who doesn’t have life for her and have no children.

With very less expectations and showing almost no interest in others possessions, she fulfills her duties everyday and continues her simple yet great life of inspiration, kindness and understanding.

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