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Unlocking the Golden Cage, A Trainer’s journey – Anusha Rajesh

Have you ever been caught in your comfort zone and yearned for flaring up to the world but hesitated and backed up? Then maybe you should meet Mrs. Anusha Rajesh. Anusha hails from Salem, an engineer by professional qualification and a homemaker turned into a Trainer, has trained about 15000+ people including students, teachers, and other professionals till date.

Anusha, coming from a typical joint family felt as if she was in a golden cage and decided to open up the opportunities around her by chasing them. She attended many workshops and classes on Personality Development and mind training which finally yielded great results. Approaching numerous schools and finding the potential audience was her biggest challenge. She stepped into the field of training in 2016. Later her classes went on from Students, Parents to professionals.

What does Anusha aim at?

Her areas of specialization are Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Mind therapy, and soft skills development where she will be helping people to sort out issues like stress management, anger management, and adding a positive hue in the life of people. Being a trainer, she is also a student by heart who loves to learn new things and help others by sharing her knowledge. She keeps herself updated on the change in trends as well as loves to explore new areas of study.

She aims at working for the betterment of her society and making people realize the fact that what is around us (external) is the result of what happens inside a person (internal) and so she helps people to see their life in the best possible positive way. She gives guidance ranging from a psycho-socio-emotional perspective by helping them out bring the best version of themselves holistically.

“I feel complete when I give something to the society that helps people to
come out of their worries. I find purpose in my life and yes, therefore I am here. I am able to light hope in people and this makes me feel happy about my profession.” says Anusha.

Anusha Rajesh is a YouTuber and her videos empower people to bring positive changes in their lives. She also conducts one-to-one Online sessions for personal transformation. Her techniques and methods that she suggests to her client are well researched and authentic. She followed the light of hope is surely an example and inspiration for all.

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